The life of Background Actors in Hollywood

HOLDING is a short-form comedy series about a Belgian immigrant actress determined to become a movie star in Hollywood. She decides to follow the mentorship of a seasoned ‘extra’ while having to deal with the surprising and weird personalities that she meets under the canopy of the background holding area.

What’s a background actor?

They are the fly on the wall, the blurry crowd, the atmosphere that gives life to scenes in films but you can’t ever really know who they are. Some of them dream of leading roles while others think it’s “just like any other job”.

What’s it like to be on a film set?

It’s like knowing all the magician’s tricks or attending summer camp or even playing house with friends. It’s creating a fake situation with real people, real locations, and real emotions. It’s mesmerizing, exhilarating, terrifying, and sometimes super boring.