Everybody loves Holding!

The audience wants you to watch Holding, it’s gonna make your life better!

“Holding is a charming, funny snapshot into the under-appreciated part of the Hollywood moviemaking machine known as ‘background acting.’ (Or as more commonly called: the “extras.”)  Sparked by a talented, colorful cast, led by Fanny Pierre, the series wonderfully displays the hopes, dreams, and delusions, held by these aspirational actors in a winning comic formula. Thumbs up.”

– Hoyt Richards, filmmaker

“Holding is a wonderful take on the experience of background actors in Hollywood. I think the show is incredibly witty, uplifting and it is a refreshing perspective to see what the experience is like behind the scenes.”

– Anca Napau

« Holding does a great job at showing the reality of movie-making which is mostly a lot of waiting and snacking! The comedy comes from the strange folks you encounter on a set, and Holding has very funny performances throughout. The show does a lot with very little and manages to create the illusion of a big Hollywood set just outside our frame of view effortlessly. »

– Angel Salinas, writer & director

Holding lets us in on a secret while we are laughing from the beginning to the end. The characters are endearing and relatable and democratize an industry that seemed out of reach. Holding is a bitesize Masterpiece! “

– Roxanne Lecrivain

« We thought the pilot was endearingly silly and a lot of actors would have similar stories (which gives you wide appeal for funny one-off cameos). Holding is a delightful, tight comedy. We liked the ending joke. »

– Ezra Fisher and Devin Lawrence

« This is a real ‘feel good’ show! Set in a well-defined and interesting world that we don’t get a peak at very often. The female lead, Annette, is smart but also wide-eyed and sweet — a cockeyed optimist who is hilariously clueless. While her counterpart, Micheal has just the perfect amount of experience to be both hopeful and jaded. It’s refreshing to see characters who are hard-working, good people who deserve some wins. The audience is rooting for these characters and ultimately it’s a fun ride. Smartly written, acted, and directed, I am excited to see more. »

– Katierose Donohue Enriquez, actress & writer

“I had a great time at the premiere of the first episode of Holding. The idea for the show is clever and fun. The fact that this was self-produced was very impressive. I can’t wait to see what this team does with more resources! Keep Rocking!” 

– Chris Page

“HOLDING gives attention to an often neglected group of people who show up to set every day: Extras.  Many of our favorite scenes just wouldn’t feel as authentic without them, and yet they are often forgotten about. Fanny Pierre and her crew charm their audience with some of the antics that occur behind the scenes.” 

– Mark Needle

“Holding is a wonderful way to get to know comedic characters because we are constantly operating with the understanding that they can be called away at any moment. It forces us to cherish our short moments with them and appreciate the laughs they provide. Each beat feels fleeting but also non-disposable. That’s pretty magical when it comes to comedy.”

– Sky Morgan

“Holding is a funny and well-made comedy show that explores what happens behind the scenes in the day of a Background Actor.  It weaves together a fun group of zany characters that are well-played by the talented Cast of the show. It is a well-produced show with a great script and I look forward to future episodes from this talented team of storytellers.”
– Jim Lovaglio